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Alphalon® (PA6)

Alphalon®  – is the trademark of high quality polyamide 6 (PA6) – available in a wide range of relative viscosities, in modified and not modified varieties.
Alphalon® is used in the manufacture of packaging film and monofilaments, and as an engineering plastic for the automotive, electrical engineering and household product industries.
The main modified varieties include:L – lubricatedLN – lubricated and nucleatedT – heat-stabilizedand other modifications according to the customer’s specific requirements.

Alphalon® 24

Trade name: Alphalon® 24
Chemical name: polycaprolactam
Common name: polyamide 6 (PA6)

Grupa Azoty ATT Polymers
Grupa Azoty S.A. (Tarnów)

Alphalon® 24 is a bright polyamide 6 grade of low viscosity that is suited for the production of compounds

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Test method

Relative viscosity (RV)
2.4 ⊥ 0.05
ISO 307 - 1% in 96% H2SO4
Viscosity number
ISO 307 - 0.5% in 96% H2SO4
Melting point
ISO 3146
ISO 1183
Chip shape
Chip size
Moisture content
% [m/m]
≤ 0.1
ISO 15512
Extract content
< 0.64
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Certificates regarding the status will be provided on request.

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Alphalon® 24 is supplied pre-dried and ready for processing in a variety of moisture proof bags, bigbags, octabins and bulk containers.
The delivered material has to be protected against moisture during storage. A storage time of 6 months should not be exceeded. The packed material should be stored in dry rooms. Open packages, if not fully emptied, should be carefully closed and sealed. Bulk material should be stored in silos under nitrogen.
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The information contained herein is based on the present state of our knowledge and experience. It does not imply any legally binding warranty of certain properties or suitability of the product for a specific purpose. In view of the many factors that may influence processing and application users should in any case run their own tests to determine the suitability of the product for their particular purpose. Users of our product must assume responsibility for observing existing proprietary rights, laws and regulations. 

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