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Grupa Azoty ATT Polymers GmbH is one of the leading producers of PA6 in Western Europe. Grupa Azoty ATT Polymers GmbH is part of Grupa Azoty, the leading producer of caprolactam, engineering plastics and fertilisers in Europe. Following the acquisition of Grupa Azoty ATT Polymers GmbH by Grupa Azoty S.A. (formerly Zakłady Azotowe w Tarnowie-Mościcach S.A.), production of caprolactam has now been integrated, thus giving both companies the opportunity to use mutual synergy effectively  to increase customer and partner satisfaction.

The basic objectives of Grupa Azoty ATT Polymers GmbH are to focus its operations on the customer’s expectations, consistently provide products of the highest quality as well as ensure flexibility and  a quick reaction time.  It is precisely the exceptional configuration of the companies  in Grupa  Azoty that makes these goals achievable. Such configuration allows Grupa Azoty ATT Polymers GmbH to adjust its production and operations to the needs of the market  and the customer,  achieve mutual benefits in terms of shared development and strengthen  its position on the market.